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Samples of our soap

Bath Bar
The economical unwrapped 4 oz. bath bar measures 3.0 X 2.25 X 1.0 inches. Available in all varieties. $4.00 ea.

Loaves of Soap Loaves of soap:
The full loaf measures 16.0 X 2.25 X 3.0 inches and weighs approximately 64 ounces. It will yield 16 one inch thick bars about four ounces each. Available in all varieties. Cut with a kitchen knife and air dry. Full Loaf (16 bars uncut) $48. Half Loaf (8 bars uncut) $26.

Aloe and Lavender Shampoo Bar
The shampoo is made by altering our standard soap base. Palm oil is replaced with castor oil, aloe juice is added, and other proportions are adjusted. The shampoo forms a generous lather, cleans gently, and does not strip away all ones natural oils. We suggest trying it without a conditioner. Ideal for camping! Scented with French lavender and Dalmatian sage oil. One inch bar unwrapped $4.25. Half Loaf (8 bars uncut) $28. Full Loaf (16 bars uncut) $52.

Our Four Bar Gift Box Gift box
These popular gift boxes hold two or four 4oz. bath bars in a brown 100% recycled paper box with a removable loop closure-label. We have standard scent and color combinations or you may make a custom selection. Each box is sleeved, has literature describing the soap, and the types are indicated on the back.

Four Bar Gift Box: $18
Gift Box Selection 1: Rosemary Lime, Ginger Spice, Aloe and Lemongrass, Peppermint.

Gift Box Selection 2: Orange Calendula, Cinnamon Oatmeal, Lavender, Spearmint.

Gift Box Selection 3: Comfrey & Sage, Rosepetal, Green Tea, Clove.

Gift Box Selection 4: Custom Selection.

Two Bar Gift Box: $10.00
Make a custom selection. Be mindful of scent and color combinations.

Our Gift Wrapped Bars Gift Wrapped Bar
All varieties of soap are available in colorful gift wrapped 4oz. bars. $5.50.

Our Variety Tray Variety Tray
Four 4 oz. bars fastened upright on our White Pine Soap tray. An attractive and unique item. Pick your own soaps: contrasting colors look best. $20.

Our Block and Brush Tray Block & Brush Tray
A 3” thick 12 oz bar of soap of your choice with a natural bristle brush fastened on our White Pine Soap Tray. $22.

Gardener’s soap tray
Our Block and Brush tray made up special for the gardener using a 12oz block of Gardener’s Soap with a wooden nail brush. $22.

Our White Pine Soap Tray White Pine Soap Tray
This tray keeps soap dry. Use as is or as a platform to create a gift item. Handmade in Vermont. Dimensions: outer 5.25 X 3.65 inches, inner 4.6 X 3.0 inches. $5.00.

Measurements and weights are approximate.