Soap Care:
If your bars are fresh cut, let them dry and harden for a week or two. This will make them last longer. Store in the open or in breathable paper, out of direct sunlight. Shipped pre-cut bars will normally be dried approximately one week.

Practical Uses:
Linden Soaps ™ are used as a body, face and hand soap, and for shaving.

Loaves of soap

How it works:
Soap in its simplest form is just oil, water, and lye. All soap has lye (sodium hydroxide)…this is the only way oil and water can mix. The lye and oil molecules switch parts and are converted into two new molecules which are glycerin and soap. The water is a carrier for the lye but never actually enters the reaction. This entire process is called saponification, which solidifies the mixture and disables the lye. Thus no harsh “free lye” exists in a well made soap. Actually we have a little free oil in our soap which makes the soap “super fatted”. The result is a gentle, cleansing soap which is neither drying nor oily. Those varieties labeled “super fatted” have a little extra lushness in this direction. While the quality of the base make these soaps equally pleasant, each variety’s botanical ingredients and genuine plant essential oils for scent make them individually unique and true to nature.

Nature Friendly:
We use no animal ingredients or testing. Where possible we have ascertained that the ingredients in our soap come from sustainable resources.

Soap is not regulated by the FDA. In compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission we make no cosmetic or medical claims for this soap other than that it cleans. Check our ingredients list if you have allergies. Use Linden Soaps products at your own risk. Ask your health care professional before using our products on infants, impaired skin or skin types, or mucous membranes. We accept no responsibility for the misuse of this product. Soap is not edible!